Wednesday, 18 April 2012

मी एक सामान्य मुलगा आहे. पण माझ्यामध्ये असलेल्या व्यंगामुळे मला कधी काही स्वतःचा खूप राग येतो. मलाही वाटत कि मी जर खूप सुंदर असतो दिसायला तर किती बर झाल असत. 

My first gay experience

Hello Friends,
Thanks for visiting this blog. I can assure you, you won't regret it.

I will now start to explain my first gay experience.

I was 16 years old and was living in our village with whole combine family. It was summer when my aunt has decided to put her son in our village school because he was not studying at all at their town. My cousine is of 14 years old. He and me were good friends and use to spend much time together whenever he used to visit our home during summer vacation. So when I come to know that he will staying with us, I was very happy.

Now, the day came when he started to living with us. It was as usual normal routine life. we used to study together, play together but never shared any sex related stuffs and I was not sure if he would like it or not.

So one fine day, my whole family went to attend marriage of my relative. They would not be back in town for 3 days. So me and my cousin were alone in the whole house. Although my parents told neighbor grandma to cook food for us.

So in the evening, grandma came to prepare food. Me and my cousin were studying. At 7:30 PM, she left.

Now, we also had finished our studies and we switched on TV. A ad of condom came on TV and my cousin gave me a look of naughtiness and I smiled back to him. He then started talk related to sex and he told me that how his friend has fucked one girl in the town. I was surprised by his frankness and his storytelling style.

Then I told him that I am going to take bath and suggested him also to take bath as those were summer days.

When I started to remove clothes in front of him, he gazed at me. I felt shy. I was in underwear only. Then he said, I have a very nice body. He said, can we make today night as memorable? I asked him "How?".
He said, "Hey buddy we can smoke a cigarate"
I, "hey but I never smoked before man"
He, "so what, even I also did not; but today I am feeling to do it as nobody is at home"
I, "Ok, but  only one cigarate and this should be secret between us"
He agreed to it and wen for buying a cigarate.

Meanwhile, I went to bathroom. Our bathroom is village type, no door and no light. So it was dark in the bathroom. only I can see was little moon light. I poured water into bucket and suddenly I thought of bathing nudely because no one was at home. So I removed my underwear.

I was about to start bathing, my cousine came with cigarate. I told him that we can smoke after my bathing is over but he insisted to smoke it now. My underwear was outside of bathroom so i have to come nudely outside. I stood up in front of him. But as it was dark, he did not noticed that i am completely nude. So we started smoking alternatively and he was telling me some fucking stories as well.

Because of the env, my cock became hard. I was standing in front of him smoking and suddenly he sat down in front of me. Now he was smoked and gave it to me. While giving cigarate, my cock touched him unknowingly and he came to know that I am nude. I felt shy but he said, "Hey ok dude; you are looking sexy nudely"
He added, "Hey let me check your cock length" and he hold my cock in another second.

It was the first time when someone has touched my cock.

He started to play with my cock and I was feeling very horny. Then he came with one idea. The idea was when one is smoking the other one has to suck.

So he removed all his clothes without waiting for my respnse and sat down in front of my cock. That time i was taking smoking so he started sucking my cock.

Now when I gave him cigarate, he took it and gave his cock to my hand. I started sucking his cock and it tasted amazing.

This whole scene was continued for 10 mints. Contd.